The Icon Collection

If you follow me on Instagram (@


), then you've seen that I've recently changed my gallery wall from the layout above (blog post coming soon about that), and although I LOVE my new wall, it was very hard for me to part with some of the images I used in the gallery! 

You'll notice the not so common wall art such as photos of

Dorothy Dandridge


Eartha Kitt

, and

Diahann Carroll

on this wall, and those images mean so much to me. This is why I decided to incorporate them in my entryway as a "hall of fame"...

You wont find these faces in your local TJmaxx or HomeGoods on a beautiful canvas like you would find an image of Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn, and its very unfortunate. These are the women that I look up to and admire. These are my Icons.

I recently came across a post on my sweet blogger friend Lauren's Instagram (@


) and she was rocking a shirt that caught my eye! Lauren has the cutest shop with what I would call "wearable art". 

Its called "

The Icon Collection

"...and when I read up on the meaning behind her shop I felt as though she was reading my mind! 

 Here's a little blurb from the site (

) about "The Icon Collection":


As a young girl I grew tired of trying to find trendy items that featured beautiful brown girls like me. When I had my daughter the longing to have images that look like her became even stronger and that is how The Icon Collection was born. On a daily basis I see t-shirts, artwork, home decor etc. highlighting the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and others. It is very rare and almost impossible to find things that showcase women of color who are trendsetters in their industries. The Icon Collection’s goal is to change that, to make it a normal experience to see beautiful, trendsetting women of color on artwork, t-shirts, and home décor as role models for our girls!"

I was SO excited when Lauren sent me a shirt I couldn't help but put it on and twirl around proudly! There are so many Icons that go unrecognized, whether its in fashion or home decor, I believe creating things that represent what/who you love is so very important! 

Im no model, so I cropped out my face, but its about the shirt..not me haha!

Hats off to you Lauren for creating this beautiful wearable art!

If you're interested in

"The Icon Collection"

check out the site


and grab a few t-shirts for you and your friends!! 

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DIY Lucite tray

Here's an easy DIY to start off the New Year! I love the look of a sleek yet beautiful tray to corral my pretty things on my bed/nightstand. It just so happens that in stores, these trays can cost $50 and up! Here's how I easily made my own "lucite" tray for just about 5 bucks.

My inspiration was this tray from


. This one runs for about $40. 

Okay so step one... head over to a craft store, Walmart, or Target and grab an acrylic box frame. I found mine at Michael's for around $4.00 depending on the size you choose. Now you could stop here, or add a little color like I did with the touch of gold.

I used Mod Podge and painted the inside of the frame with a foam brush. 

Lastly, I trimmed some gold metallic scrapbook paper to size and placed it in my frame. Voila'! Instant glam "Lucite" tray! I also love that its lightweight so that I can move it to my nightstand whenever I desire.

Let me know if you try this easy DIY and tag me in your pics!

Glam Guide for 2016!

Its that time of the year! We are officially one week away from 2016...can you say that you're prepared? I don't know about you, but I've been anticipating the new year and all that it has to bring! I've also already started working on it. I've put together a few items that have already kick started my new successful year, and I'm hoping they can help you too! So, while you're out getting those after Christmas sales, make sure you pick up these helpful tools to start your new year off right!


Kate Spade monthly agenda/planner

- Why do you need a planner? To PLAN! When I don't make plans for myself or write down what I should be doing...guess what I do? Nothing. Boy, I can be lazy. When I can visually see things I need to do, it makes me productive, declutter's my brain, and most importantly it holds me accountable for my plans. Planners are important people, and if you think they aren't test it out for a week and reflect on what you actually accomplished! You'd be surprised and proud of yourself for being so productive!


This Is My Year journal

- A friend of mine got me hip to Myleik (founder and CEO of Curlbox). She happens to be quite inspirational. She created this journal so that you could start on your year early! I plan to use this journal to reflect on the goals I set for myself last year and really analyze what went wrong vs what went right. This will help when setting the new year goals! Throughout the year, having a journal helps you to note things that are happening and makes it easy to see if you're really staying on track with your goals.


Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

- Now we all love Shonda. In this book she talks about how she forced herself to say YES to everything for an entire year. Sounds frightening, yet liberating! Its a pretty hilarious and inspirational book. I've already put a good dent in it and I definitely encourage you to check it our for yourself.


Healing Crystals

- While listening to one of my favorite podcasts (The Friend Zone), the topic of healing crystals came up and their benefits really sparked my interest. Everyone needs good energy around them. I went to my local crystal shop here in Atlanta called Crystal Blue and had a pretty cool experience. They basically told me to walk around and let the crystals pull me in. I ended up with amethyst, citirine, black tourmaline, and rose quartz. After researching each one, they were indeed perfect for me! If there is a crystal shop near you I suggest you pick up some crystals and start your new year off with some good, positive vibes!

I'm so excited for 2016! Don't wait until the first of the year, get started now with these helpful tools!

Loving Neutrals

'Tis the season... to redecorate!

I know, I know... it seems like when you FINALLY get your home the way you like're ready for a change! Well, that's exactly what's come over me! For a while I was happy with my space ..I still am. I even stopped roaming through the home decor isles and took a Pinterest break! But, suddenly I feel inspired. I'm currently craving NEUTRALS. Luxurious neutrals. Rich leathers and soft velvets. Cozy fur and sassy prints. The E-Design above is just a taste of what I have in mind. I've been back in those home decor isles and I've spotted a few gems I really wish I could bring home!

We should all be aware of the greatness that is Nate Burkus! These goodies are apart of his Target line. Who doesn't love illuminated copper and fur poufs?!

Yes, Urban Outfitters has hip clothes, but their home decor section has some gems! Check out this leather butterfly chair. I've been secretly wanting this thing for years!

Cost Plus World Market is oozing with neutral goodness! This jute rug would look so great under a velvet sofa and I just cant get over that antelope fur pillow.. I mean c'mon! 

I could go on and on, but I think you get my drift. I'm digging neutrals this season, but for now I'll just dream about them! 

Stone Mountian Refresh

One of my clients, was in need of a major home refresh! Fortunately, she did have good taste and a LOT of things to work with! My great design partner Gavin & I were able to completely transform her home.

My client loves to entertain, so she was looking for spaces that had even flow for her guest. We made sure to create cozy nooks for guest to gather including conversation pieces to get the party started. The colors in the home are rich and earthy and each room has its own story while flowing perfectly together.

Check out the E-Designs and photos of her living room, dining room, den, and half bath:

Living room E-Design

Absolutely LOVING this 

Rooms to Go sofa

 topped with earthy patterned pillows snagged from Home Goods!

Our goal was to completely brighten the space while keeping it rich and earthy. We left out a coffee table in this room to keep the room "walk-able" for her guest while entertaining. This room features a pretty cozy conversation nook with the cutest chairs from TJ Maxx!

Dining room E-Design

Our design challenge for this room was keeping the dining room table. We kept it simple with the dining room and complemented her existing grand gold mirror with gold chargers. We added a small pop of color with the beautiful sea shell with hint of purple and cream as a centerpiece. 

Den E-Design

(The mantle art in this photo was moved to the reading nook once the client purchased a TV.)

My client already owned the red furniture, so we moved it all into the den. This room stays cozy and earthy as well, with a dash of class. Plenty of spaces to cuddle up and read a book or watch a movie


Half bath E-Design

Didn't need too much in this tiny bath. We kept the colors calm and added a splash of red to flow with the attached red den. Oh, and those soaps from World Market smell delightful ;)

My client absolutely LOVES her home. She says that it "finally feels like home" and that was the main goal! We hope she's ready to entertain because we definitely want our invite over ;)