Whats on my nightstand?

The view from my side of the bed is pretty nice! Check out all of the pretty details...

If you haven't seen my video apartment tour, then you might think that I still have this pitiful side table underneath my TV. Well, ladies and gentlemen..I've upgraded!

Another Target piece has taken its place and it's perfect (more about this piece in a separate post)!

As a result, I've moved my cute green end table beside my bed. Its now a functional nightstand!

Now, as intimate and personal as a nightstand can be, I've still decided to share it with you! Most of the time our nightstands are purely for function. They typically hold a lighting source, a glass of water and serve as a charging station for our mobile devices. But you do know that a nightstand can be all of these things and more, right?

Im all for function, but I love to add a little pretty on the side! Yes, functional things can have a little style to them too! Here's what my nightstand is currently holding:

1. Flowers - Now these are solely for my visual pleasure. Tulips are my favorite flowers, Its okay to have at lease one non functional item on your nightstand! Fresh flowers are best but faux is just fine too! These can be found in many home decor stores like Target, Homegoods, Ross, or Marshalls (for a price) but if you desire to create a custom one, check out my

DIY flower video


2. Candle - I think that a calming scent and soothing sound of a candle burning is essential to ultimate relaxation before bed. As long as you remember to blow it out before you snooze, you'll be in business! The candle in rotation right now is one of my favorites "Champagne toast" from Bath and Body Works.

3. Healing crystal - In my

2016 Glam guide

I mentioned my new obsession with crystals and their many benefits. The crystal I have by my bed is an amethyst which is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience, and peace. I honestly found that I have had much better, uninterrupted sleep with this baby by my side.

4. Books/journals - I usually keep a journal on my nightstand for two reasons: my brain runs a mile a minute at night and I miraculously remember everything I need to do the next day, or forgot to do the current day. Its a great place for me to get it out on paper. This helps me not worry so much about things once I've written it down and its all out. Second reason is similar but more enjoyable: All of my great and brilliant ideas hit me right before I fall asleep or even in my dreams! What better place than this cute Target journal for my "Ridiculously good ideas"? Now as for books, I usually keep it light. Nothing with a particular story line because those will keep me up all night and I'll never get any rest flipping pages all night. I usually keep a couple of inspirational books by my side instead. It also helps when they have a pretty cover! The book currently by my side is "Gentlewoman by Enitan O. Bereola ".

5. Cute mug - I absolutely love this mug I found at Anthropologie last year. Tea and hot cocoa fill up this beauty after a long day. We all seem to need to quench a thirst once we go to bed & its essential to a good nights rest! Its also important to keep a coaster on your nightstand to prevent water rings and stains on your nice nightstand. This cutie was snagged from the dollar tree!

Well. that sums up whats ON my nightstand... no, I wont be going into details about whats in the WISH! ;) 

I'd love to know whats currently on your nightstand! Comment below and let me know your favorite things!


Pantone color of the year - 2016

...And the color of the year is...

Rose Quartz & Serenity

" Joined together Rose Quartz and Serenity Demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace. "

-Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director; Pantone Color Institute


Rose quartz coasters

| 2.

Serenity throw blanket

| 3.

Rose quartz book ends

| 4.

Serenity candle


Rose quartz candle holders

| 6.

Serenity hydrangeas

So, Pantone chose two colors this year and I'm pretty excited because I just bought a rose quartz crystal! (see why I bought that crystal



I love to challenge myself by adding the color of the year somewhere in my home. This doesn't mean I go painting walls, sometimes it can just be as simple as adding some decorative pieces!

I challenge you to do the same. Check out the links above to find the pieces I fell in love with! I'd love to know how you use the Pantone colors of the year in your home!

Glam Guide for 2016!

Its that time of the year! We are officially one week away from 2016...can you say that you're prepared? I don't know about you, but I've been anticipating the new year and all that it has to bring! I've also already started working on it. I've put together a few items that have already kick started my new successful year, and I'm hoping they can help you too! So, while you're out getting those after Christmas sales, make sure you pick up these helpful tools to start your new year off right!


Kate Spade monthly agenda/planner

- Why do you need a planner? To PLAN! When I don't make plans for myself or write down what I should be doing...guess what I do? Nothing. Boy, I can be lazy. When I can visually see things I need to do, it makes me productive, declutter's my brain, and most importantly it holds me accountable for my plans. Planners are important people, and if you think they aren't test it out for a week and reflect on what you actually accomplished! You'd be surprised and proud of yourself for being so productive!


This Is My Year journal

- A friend of mine got me hip to Myleik (founder and CEO of Curlbox). She happens to be quite inspirational. She created this journal so that you could start on your year early! I plan to use this journal to reflect on the goals I set for myself last year and really analyze what went wrong vs what went right. This will help when setting the new year goals! Throughout the year, having a journal helps you to note things that are happening and makes it easy to see if you're really staying on track with your goals.


Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

- Now we all love Shonda. In this book she talks about how she forced herself to say YES to everything for an entire year. Sounds frightening, yet liberating! Its a pretty hilarious and inspirational book. I've already put a good dent in it and I definitely encourage you to check it our for yourself.


Healing Crystals

- While listening to one of my favorite podcasts (The Friend Zone), the topic of healing crystals came up and their benefits really sparked my interest. Everyone needs good energy around them. I went to my local crystal shop here in Atlanta called Crystal Blue and had a pretty cool experience. They basically told me to walk around and let the crystals pull me in. I ended up with amethyst, citirine, black tourmaline, and rose quartz. After researching each one, they were indeed perfect for me! If there is a crystal shop near you I suggest you pick up some crystals and start your new year off with some good, positive vibes!

I'm so excited for 2016! Don't wait until the first of the year, get started now with these helpful tools!