DIY Lucite tray

Here's an easy DIY to start off the New Year! I love the look of a sleek yet beautiful tray to corral my pretty things on my bed/nightstand. It just so happens that in stores, these trays can cost $50 and up! Here's how I easily made my own "lucite" tray for just about 5 bucks.

My inspiration was this tray from


. This one runs for about $40. 

Okay so step one... head over to a craft store, Walmart, or Target and grab an acrylic box frame. I found mine at Michael's for around $4.00 depending on the size you choose. Now you could stop here, or add a little color like I did with the touch of gold.

I used Mod Podge and painted the inside of the frame with a foam brush. 

Lastly, I trimmed some gold metallic scrapbook paper to size and placed it in my frame. Voila'! Instant glam "Lucite" tray! I also love that its lightweight so that I can move it to my nightstand whenever I desire.

Let me know if you try this easy DIY and tag me in your pics!