Hello Fall!

Its the most wonderful time of the year!! Just a few more days until the


first day of Fall :)

There are so many reasons why Fall is my favorite season... the leaves are prettier, the breeze is crisper, the clothes are cuter, but most of all... I get the chance to make my home a little "cozier"!

I love living in my studio loft because the exposed brick walls give a year round cozy feel, but I also like to add a few things around my home to remind me of what season we're in. Im SO glad that I partnered with some of my favorite bloggers this season for the #FabFallFest because I've been motivated to add "Fall" to my home.

Wall art is a simple way to bring the season in! With limited wall space in a small studio, I turned to my chalkboard wall to add a cute little fall saying I recreated from this

list of free printables

on Pinterest.

This chalkboard wall was super easy to create and it's so fun to add different sayings/drawings. Check out how to make your own



Here are some of my fave Fall chalkboard printables I found while browsing Pinterest! These can be a great alternative if you can't muster up your own chalkboard wall this season.

What are you adding to you walls this Fall? Id love to see! Play along with the #FabFallFest and post your wall decor/signs/wreaths with the #FabFallFest hashtag for a chance to be featured on some really awesome IG accounts!

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See you next week!


Home Sweet Home tag

Hey guys! I get so many questions about my living space, so I decided to give you all of the details in  my

Home Sweet Home

tag video! Check it out


or head on over to my

YouTube page

to catch up on other videos you may have missed. I love creating YouTube content for you guys so please leave videos you're interested to see in the comment section below! Enjoy!

Dreamy curtain dividers

One of the first things I loved about this studio loft was the "bedroom nook". I immediately knew that I could recreate those gorgeous "

Claire Marshall

" divider curtains. Claire hung her divider in a more "industrial" way, while I chose to go a daintier route. 

Using the


curtain wire kit from IKEA, I was able to create a "barely there" rod that blends with the existing wood beam. The


hooks hold up the dreamy


curtain panels. 

 I love how this divider is so functional, versatile, and beautiful! If you live in a studio, I would definitely suggest installing sheer dividers.. they're awesome!

Small Cool 2015 is a site I can get lost on for hours! Its SO cool that they are featuring my studio apartment on their site :)

I've been entered in to the "Small Cool Spaces" contest of 2015 & I would LOVE if you guys would head over to the site to check out my advice about living in a small space! While you're there, don't forget to favorite my studio! 

For a full apartment tour

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Kitchen Chalkboard Wall

I've always drooled over those cute chalkboard walls on Pinterest. I woke up one Saturday and decided to go for it, it cant be that hard right? Right! I called on my trusty design partner Gavin and we got to work!

First he measured out the lines and made sure everything was level

My kitchen is pretty small, so without much wall space, I decided to create a column effect. Gavin and I are both perfectionist so getting the measuring right probably took us the longest.

Pay attention to detail


Chalkboard paint from Lowe's was barely over $10! 

I started to paint, but left the job to the pro in the room ;)

Here the paint is still wet. 

This paint dries pretty fast, but we decided to speed up the process with a fan.

Completely dry here

An important step is to "chalk" the entire wall. This prepares it for your cute little sayings!

Wipe down the "chalked" wall with a rag and you're pretty much done here!

Now it's time to "doodle"! Simple and fun project complete!

This cute project took about 2 hours to complete and is a great Saturday project! I love it! (I would recommend a few coats of the paint if you plan to draw/write on it often to prevent scratching through to the wall) Let me know if you decide to try it out :)