What's My Design Style?

Do you ever find yourself confused when it comes to defining your design style? Well, me too! There are so many features of decor that I love, I found it hard to put a label on my “style”. I recently took a Mr.Kate quiz called “Whats my Aesthetic” and I can see clearly now!

click here to take the quiz!

click here to take the quiz!

Before taking this quiz, words I liked to use to describe my decor style were: Glam, Luxe, and Global. Well, according to the results my aesthetic is “Vintage-Eclectic”! I couldn’t have said it better myself, literally!

The quiz is a list of 10 questions accompanied by photos to select as your answer. Once it calculates your style it breaks down your specific aesthetic by percentage. My blend includes:

  • 36% vintage eclectic

  • 18% bohemian

  • 9% industrial

  • 9% quirky/whimsical

  • 9% traditional

  • 9% modern/dramatic

  • 9% glam

I like that it highlights the repetitive items I tend to decorate with! I paired a few quotes from my results with actual photos of my home so that you could see that it describes my style perfectly!


“You can have a ‘more is more’ maximalist perspective and layer a bunch of cool vintage items - think shelves with books, crystals, sculptures and candles or choose a more minimal approach and style a few, statement-making vintage items like a gold framed oil painting next to an emerald green lamp and a pretty plant.”


“Color palette can, and probably will, be anything and everything although rich tones like blue, teal, purple, burgundy and dark brown work really well to highlight all the mixed metals you should use to accent!”


“Furniture can be a mix of Traditional items like old-world chairs or a chesterfield sofa paired with a more streamlined Mid-Century Modern coffee table... #juxtaposition!


“Whether you have traveled the world or not, you are inspired by a rich mix of global vibes.”


“Mix up your styling with some DIY dragged paint or drip art and more sculptural items like manzanita branches, crystals or maybe a figurine of your favorite mythical or cartoon character.”


“You love shiny things and anything chic. You love spaces that scream opulence and a luxurious vibe. You could tend towards the more Hollywood Regency end of the Glam spectrum and enjoy mirrored furniture and gold accents or maybe you’re more of a Mod Glam and love blush pink and furry pillows.”


So, now that I finally know my design style, I’d love to know yours! If you haven’t quite put your finger on it, try our Mr.Kate’s “What’s my aesthetic” quiz to find out!

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