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Project #1Room30Days

Project #1Room30Days is a pretty awesome program hosted by my good friend Alaya over at

! Its the perfect motivational push to finish a space in your home you've been neglecting, or a room that just needs a little revamping!

Since I live in a studio apartment, I didn't have many rooms to choose from, but one trip to Home Goods inspired me to brighten up my living space!

I came across these gorgeous pieces of wall art at the Home Goods grand opening in Decatur, Ga.

I loved the black, white, and gold accents and I knew they would be perfect in my space as a new gallery wall. My current gallery wall was starting to bore me and inspiration quotes are a great way to spruce up a space!

I also had my eye on a RugsUSA shag rug for about a year, I took the plunge (and snagged a sale)! 

I moved my current colorful rug from World Market to my reading nook so that this new bright Marrakesh shag rug could take its place!

This is my previous rug and coffee table...

I still love this rug, but I love it better in it's new home.

I donated my coffee table to a neighbor to give myself a little more walking space (and to admire my new rug). This DIY stool looked great in its place and the gold legs added a nice touch. I love that its movable and also serves as extra seating for guests.

I was ready to get my gallery wall up and with a little coaching from Alaya, we decided on a nice layout. I also added in a few pieces that previously hung in my bedroom nook. 

My new gallery wall is absolutely perfect! I love how it came out and the inspiration quotes are a great motivation for each new day. 

Take a look at the before and after!

A brighter space and a few less pillows makes a difference! I did keep a few pieces from my gallery wall and relocated them to my entryway.

The last thing I dd in this space was purge and update my Ikea shelving. Since this is the focal point of my space I felt it needed a little freshener. These are my shelves before...

,,,And here they are after! A simple re-styling gave them a new clean look. 

That pretty much wraps up my entire space! Its amazing what a few updates can do to a room.

If you're in need of a little home encouragement, Project #1Room30days would be perfect for you! Weekly updates and checkpoints as well as a supportive group of people on the journey with you can do wonders! 

If you're interested in participating, sign up for the next June or August challenge


Be sure to take a look at the other beautiful spaces that were created from this month's participants below!...

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