How to: Style a Cubicle

Decorating a small office space on a budget is very possible! Here's my inspiration...

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

I think is super important to make your workspace into an area you enjoy. Whether you work from home in the corner of your living room, or you're stuck in a small 4x4 cubicle in a public office... you can still make your space your own!

Im currently working in a shared office space. I knew that I wanted to personalize my area but I thought keeping things in a neutral color scheme would work better in our shared space. I picked through the aisles of Marshalls, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and of course Target and found just about everything on my list! 



My list was separated into 4 categories: 

1. Organize

One of my biggest pet peeves is clutter on my desk! I found these cute gold patterned folders at Target to put away all of my important documents. 



This modern pen holder, also from Target, makes collecting cute pens even more fun and keeps my desk pretty clear.



I couldn't pass up this lucite and gold pair. It makes stapling and taping much more fun if you ask me. I grabbed these from Marshalls for under $10! 




2. Power up

Working in a shared office space calls for some serious focus. I brought my gold Beats By Dre headphones to work to help tune out any distractions from my workload. 


I was gifted this adorable coffee mug from an office buddy and I make sure to fill it with enough caffeine to keep me up throughout the day.



3. Lighten up

One man's trash is another man's treasure! After searching for an affordable desk lamp to no avail, a coworker was giving away this vintage desk lamp and I gladly took it off of their hands! The touch of gold and green add to my neutral color scheme and its even better because it was free.99 



4. Check in

Lastly, This small little mirror is here so that I can check in with myself throughout the day. It may seem a little vain, but I tend to glance at myself often to check for any leftover lunch on my face, or crazy fly away hairs. I grabbed this from the bathroom section at Target!



This bulletin board wasn't on my original list but once I added a few inspirational quotes up there with my important work notes, it became one of my favorite additions to the space! 



I hope that you guys enjoyed this small office tour and were also inspired to create an inviting work space of your own! Let me know how you like to add personality to you desk! 

Until next time,


"Get it Girl" Holiday Gift Guide #12DaysOfGiftGuides

Its that time of year again! Have you done your holiday shopping yet? Let me help make it a little easier for you...

Its that time of year again! Have you done your holiday shopping yet? Let me help make it a little easier for you...

We all know that young, hardworking girl who stays on the move... also know as the

Get It Girl

! This year put a smile on her face and snag her a gift she will love and


use in her fabulous busy life!

This #GiftGuide is PERFECT for your best friend, girlfriend, daughter, coworker, or even yourself! #TreatYoSelf

1. Myleik Teele has done it again... this Hustle journal is packed with knowledge from the CurlBox queen herself plus plenty of pages for her to write out her ridiculously good ideas! 

Hustle journal

   2. Every girl on the move needs a great planner. This planner is not only pretty but super functional!

Happy Planner

   3. This cool device's main job is to help you guzzle down water. Your

Get It Girl

needs to stay hydrated during her busy days.


   4. Keep her motivated with this adorable gym bag! Pizza is always a great motivator :)

Gym bag

   5. A great staple neutral lip is perfect for the girl on the go. These affordable lippies favor all skin tones and compliment any outfit!

Missy Lynn lipstick

   6. Again, hydration is KEY! She'll love a nice refresher in the middle of her fabulous day.

Face Mist

   7. The

Get It Girl

will never misplace the stand out Glam Headphones! She'll be able to jam out in style.

Glam headphones

   8. The super affordable shades will block out those UV rays & maybe even some of her haters ;)


   9. A good transitional flat is another staple for the

Get It Girl

. Great for the work day and even better for happy hour!

Transitional Flats

   10. Keep her phone cute and charged with this case & portable charger duo. This way she'll never miss an email (or a tweet) !

Phone case & Portable Charger

   11. A cute statement clutch/bag is a must for the girl on the go! 


   12. Lastly, If she's really on the move, this adorable passport holder will get her across the country in style!

Passport holder

I just know that the

Get It Girl

in your life will love ANY of these gifts!

And its just your luck that I've teamed up with 6 other awesome bloggers to bring you even MORE gift guides!

Fall Home Tour - #FabFallFest

Let me tell you...I am SO glad that it is FINALLY FALL!!

*does happy dance*

Fall for me isn't just about the change of season, it means warm tea and cocoa on a cold gloomy night, snuggles with someone you 


 like under your favorite furry blanket, over sized comfy sweaters and scarves, warm scented candles, tons of comfort food, I mean I could go on and on and on ha ha....

Its seriously such a nostalgic feeling to me, and this year I am super prepared because I got a Fall home tour ready for you guys!! 

The month of September has been a blast hosting the #FabFallFest with 7 other amazingly talented bloggers on Instagram. We got the chance to see and share so many beautiful spaces. For this last week of the month we thought it would be fun to bring you guys some fall home tours!

If you've stumbled across my blog before you know that Im living in the coziest little studio apartment in the heart of historic midtown Atlanta. I absolutely love it here, it's the perfect little corner for me. I have done a full

apartment tour

before as well as a walk though video with all of the details that you can watch


A few things have changed in my space as well as my sprinkle of Fall decor so that's what I'll be sharing today! 

So, like I said, I do live in a studio, and full room pics would just be the same photo from different angles of one big room ha ha so lets zoom in and focus on the little things!

First things first...throw pillows! I love that I can switch up the pillows on my neutral grey sofa. I stuck to my original color scheme in my home but just added warmth with texture! 

Im obsessed with my new black faux fur throw blanket from TJ Maxx. I grabbed this pink furry pillow off of my bed and tossed it between these two oldie but goodies from Target and TJ Maxx. 

At Home Stores had some of what I call "Pillow Gems"! That super snugly grey pillow reminds me of the coziest fall sweater in my closet! You can't go wrong with a plush white faux fur pillow. That velvety pink pillow is one of my faves from Cost Plus World Market. 

Now you know I couldn't forget to dress my bed with some new pillows as well! I adore my new purple pillow with gold studs from At Home as well as my new neutral fur pillow to the right. Im telling you guys, At Home really is the


for fall pillows!

Not too much different on my bed tray except for the addition of one of my favorite fall candles Mahogany Teakwood from Bath and Body Works. I also added my new geometrical friend that I picked up at At Home simply because I love gold things way too much. 

Speaking of fall candles, At Home had a pretty good candle selection. Im addicted to this wood wick burning candle that literally sounds like a mini fireplace in my kitchen! The gold dipped candle stand and baby pumpkin are also from At Home. If there were any pumpkins that came through my door this year they were 


 be dipped in gold!!

I love rich jewel tones like purple and gold and how they make the space feel luxurious and warm. 

I added this cute little fall sketch to my chalkboard wall in my kitchen. It was super simple, the hardest part was picking out which one to add. Check out what I had to choose from 



I sprinkled a little more fall over to my purple chest under my TV. Another cute gold dipped pumpkin plus a new green friend from At Home. 

Im not in the business of keeping plants alive, even my succulents are faux and Im not ashamed! 

My Gold Ikea shelves also got a new friend! I tried out and I am SO very impressed with these glass photos they create.

Lets get a close up on this beauty! Bringing family photos into a house makes it a home. This photo of my uncle, granddad, and dad is so special to me. It warms my heart to see this everyday. I did not have enough wall space for a bigger pic but I think these are the perfect size for Christmas gifts! Everyone is getting FractureMe prints this year haha!

Moving on to my bar cart... I tried to restock a bit plus add some cute new drink ware. These copper Moscow mule mugs are my fave and I've been wanting them for a while so Im glad I found a few at At Home this year!

Also, this sign from At Home is my mood for the rest of the year.. "You Cook, I'll drink wine". 

Now this has to be the biggest addition to my home since my last tour. This gorgeous piece of wall art is actually an original painting from a long time childhood friend! Trust me, I will have a separate blog post ALL about the artist and this piece...just you wait! In the meantime, check out 

Chocolate Cherri Bomb

 for some beautiful art!

I did however add this super cozy bench underneath to compliment my new art. At Home made it reeeally hard to choose from the multitude of fab benches they had in stock. After doing a snapchat poll, I finally picked a winner!

This black velvet tufted beauty ended up being just perfect. The acrylic legs add just enough glam. I tossed one of my coziest throw blankets across it with a cute little purple woven pillow from Cost Plus World Market. I could look at it all day... I love it that much!

...and that just about wraps up my sprinkle of Fall in my home this year guys! I'd like to say I kept it simple and cozy while sticking to my personal style. I do hope that you enjoyed it! 

*** This post was sponsored by At Home Stores and FractureMe ; all opinions are my own ***

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The Home I Create

Hello Fall!

Its the most wonderful time of the year!! Just a few more days until the


first day of Fall :)

There are so many reasons why Fall is my favorite season... the leaves are prettier, the breeze is crisper, the clothes are cuter, but most of all... I get the chance to make my home a little "cozier"!

I love living in my studio loft because the exposed brick walls give a year round cozy feel, but I also like to add a few things around my home to remind me of what season we're in. Im SO glad that I partnered with some of my favorite bloggers this season for the #FabFallFest because I've been motivated to add "Fall" to my home.

Wall art is a simple way to bring the season in! With limited wall space in a small studio, I turned to my chalkboard wall to add a cute little fall saying I recreated from this

list of free printables

on Pinterest.

This chalkboard wall was super easy to create and it's so fun to add different sayings/drawings. Check out how to make your own



Here are some of my fave Fall chalkboard printables I found while browsing Pinterest! These can be a great alternative if you can't muster up your own chalkboard wall this season.

What are you adding to you walls this Fall? Id love to see! Play along with the #FabFallFest and post your wall decor/signs/wreaths with the #FabFallFest hashtag for a chance to be featured on some really awesome IG accounts!

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so that you can easily find all of the other Fab bloggers tagged for the #FabFallFest!

To see what else I'm pinning for Fall, follow my



See you next week!


Home Sweet Home tag

Hey guys! I get so many questions about my living space, so I decided to give you all of the details in  my

Home Sweet Home

tag video! Check it out


or head on over to my

YouTube page

to catch up on other videos you may have missed. I love creating YouTube content for you guys so please leave videos you're interested to see in the comment section below! Enjoy!