Splurge vs Steal

Okay guys, we're one month into 2016...how are you doing? Are you staying on track? One thing that has kept me focused in the new year is my 2016 planner! I mentioned how important it was to start the year off with a great planner in my 2016 Glam Guide. In that post I raved about my Kate spade planner! 

Now, don't get me wrong... I LOVE it, but I recently walked through the Target office aisle and noticed a very similar one for under 10 bucks! I've decided to compare and do a splurge vs spend for you guys!

The entire top row is Kate Spade, and the bottom row are all from target! Check out the links to each one below.

Now, the Kate Spade agendas and journals aren't going to break your bank or anything, and like I said, I absolutely LOVE my planner (I have the black and white stripe), but I'm also loving that fact that Target has very similar cute ones all for under $10! That's such a great steal. 

P.S. this is the inside of the Kate Spade planner I have. The layout of this thing is awesome! I definitely think its worth a few more dollars if you're a Kate Spade fan like I am.  
I also picked up these GLAM gold pens
 & adorable To-Do pad!

If you happen to grab one of the Target journals, let me know how you like it!



  1. These are sooooo cute! I don't usually use a planner, but these are so cute I might start to. I would definitely purchase one from Target :)

  2. Yes Lisa !! You know I'm a sucker for a pretty and functional planner ! Great post !! I love the entire look of your blog !!

  3. I would definitely have to go the Target route. I have recently been using a planner and loving it!

  4. Planners make the world go round! no really, i cant function without some sort of planner or notebook. I love the ones at Target and even found a couple of cute ones in the dollar bin.


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